Lavish Alice Loving

Tonight I want to share my love for Lavish Alice. I love discovering new brands (basically I need to branch out from Zara and Topshop!), and a little while ago I found Lavish Alice. 


Second Year Struggles

I have been REALLY absent for a while. I'm in my final week of uni for second year, and I'd love to tell you that I've been putting that first and focusing on all my work. But no. I've been hiding and contemplating why I ever went back to uni. Anyone else?


Sports Luxe

If you are following me on Instagram (and you really should. Just saying.), you would know that I recently did the hair for a photoshoot for a friend's university project.



I know some people will look at this and think, "What a boring outfit!!" And yeah, it kind of is isn't it. Haha. But these are my favourite looks. Simple, yet have that something about them that adds a bit of character. When I'm snooping through Instagram (follow me here) I notice that 80-90% of the photos I like or comment on are simple casual looks.