button and bow bling

Okay, so confession: I don't like jewellery! I don't know why but I always try to get away with as little as possible. Casually, the most I will ever wear is my Guess watch ('cos I'm crazy about it!!) But that has recently progressed into the only jewellery I ever wear. So, in an attempt to break out of this habit and be more adventurous (if you can call it that), I eagerly jumped on the statement necklace trend. I have started building a little collection now, and I am so proud of myself!! Here's my recent buy from The Button and Bow Factory:
I found this little website absolutely ages ago when they started following my personal twitter account. But, hating jewellery, I avoided it. When I started this blog, I came across them again and had a browse. I came across this beautiful piece, and I just had to have it in my growing collection.
The Button and Bow Factory is a small Irish business. The service is GREAT! I had a bit of trouble ordering my piece (my fault, not theirs), and they were so helpful and quick to respond. And you can get in touch with them through Facebook and Twitter too, which is so much handier for people like me who hates making phone calls. The best part about this little business: They ship worldwide, and they only sell a limited number of pieces, so you can feel very unique with your new necklace.

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