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Hey guys. How's things going? I need to express my love for NYX Cosmetics. In particular, these little purchases. The HD concealer is a repeat purchase for me cos I freaking love it!!I use this everyday for highlighting my face; I just don't feel like I'm ready to leave the house without it. I use the shade CW 01 which is the lightest shade there is. It is quite light, but I prefer a strong contoured/highlighted look, so this is right up my street. This concealer stays put all day and covers my drastic dark circles under my eyes. Ultimate Winner!

I recently bought the NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat liquid foundation after I ran out of my MAC foundation (and haven't bought it since because it is too far to travel for makeup, and when I finally did, I didn't appreciate the store assistant's attitude: customer lost!) First I tried the Rimmel Match Perfection, and I used to like it, but recently I found it leaving my skin too shiny. Would this be because I stopped using a primer? Beauty bloggers help me out here. But anyways, this NYX foundation has excellent coverage, and it really does stay put quite well. I'm not the type of girl who likes topping up her makeup throughout the day, especially during a busy day in the salon, and this foundation holds out well. I'll definitely be buying again.

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  1. I've always found MAC's customer service to be terrible, Illamasqua is where it's at. They always sit you down and talk you through the products so you know what you're buying. If you've found your skin going shiny and stopped using a primer that's probably why, but maybe try a mattifying moisturiser? Not as heavy as a primer but gives your skin a matte finish as well as moisture at the start of the day. I used to use a Nivea Oil Free one but recently I've been using The Body Shop's Seaweed Mattifying Day Cream and it's amazing! I sometimes don't need a primer. I've never used NYX but that concealer sounds amazing, I love one that's nearly white too! xxx

    1. Really Aisling?? They have changed the whole process of buying something and it's horrible!! I like Illamasqua but my bank balance couldn't keep up with it haha! I stopped using primer a long time ago and I found no difference when using MAC but I must need it for the other foundations. I have actually never heard of a mattifying moisturiser..I MUST get this!! Thanks Aisling :)

      Nyaomi x