big hair, don't care


I can't believe tomorrow is New Year's Eve! 
If you are planning a big night with big hair, here are my easy peasy top 10 tips for getting volume that lasts all night.

  • Use good volumising products. I personally prefer a volumising spray to mousse, as they don't weigh your hair down as much. My new favourite is the Amplifying Blow Dry Lotion from V05.
  • Blow dry maximum volume into your hair by flipping your head upside down, and blasting the roots.
  • Alternatively, blow-dry your roots in the opposite direction of how you want it to sit. When you flip it back you will have incredible volume.
  • Use a large round brush to blow-dry volume through your hair section by section, and then rolling each section up into a curl and pinning it to your head. (Roll into the same shape your hair takes when a roller is in place.)
  • If your planning big and curly hair, I highly recommend a good set of heated rollers. I own the Enrapture heated rollers, but the Babyliss heated rollers are quite good too. Use the larger rollers and the top and crown for more volume that curl.
  • When styling hair, ALWAYS let it cool down!! Never start touching and pulling your fingers through your hair until your hair has completely cooled down, as you are just pulling out the work you just put in.
  • Never touch your roots with straighteners. Even if you are wearing your hair straight. It will be near impossible to get volume into your hair after this. Use your brush and hairdryer to smooth hair at the roots. And if it is still a little frizzy, spray some hairspray onto a bristle brush and brush any flyaways down.
  • Do not overload your hair with hairspray. Too much hairspray will just weigh your hair down. Instead, spray some directly onto your roots, or spray a little hairspray on your fingers and work it into the roots.
  • Backcomb...PROPERLY! Take small sections of hair, and starting the mid lengths, GENTLY push the hair back into the root. It doesn't have to be done in really quick, rough actions, as this damages the hair more.
  • Finally, keep your hands off!! When your hair is styled and ready to go, don't keep touching it and running your hands through it. This will ruin all your hard work.
I hope these tips help. Happy New Year Everbody!!