sale shopping..

When it comes to shopping, there is one thing I avoid.. SALES!! I could happily shop all day, every day, but put me in a shop with nothing but sale rails and I'll have a mental breakdown. I like to be able to go into a shop and spot new finds all around me. Having to hoke through rails to try and find a bargain is not my idea of fun.

So I went to Topshop last week and was really surprised to find this AWESOME coat staring at me.. From the sale rail!!! I've started this obsession recently with oversized coats, so when I seen this blue one I just instantly had to have it. And it was only £25! (This may have changed my opinion on sales!)

Here's a few other things I picked up too.. (Not in the sale ;)) 

Oversized Coat/ Topshop
Oversized T-shirt/ Topshop
Skirt/ Topshop
Wedge Trainers/ River Island

Has anybody else hit the sales?! Get anything good???