sleek, straight scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger = Hair Envy! She can work any style like no one else.
Straight and sleek hair is so easy to achieve, but there are always tips to be learnt. To get this look, Read on!
#1. After washing and conditioning your hair, apply a smoothing balm and/or a small amount of a good hair oil treatment from the mid lengths to the ends of towel dried hair. (Do not apply to the roots.)
#2. Start drying your hair off using your fingers to push volume into the roots. Or for extra volume, flip your head upside down and concentrate on the roots.
#3. Using a large round brush, blow-dry the mid lengths to ends of your hair, making sure the nozzle of your hairdryer is directing the hair straight down, very flat.
#4. After blow-drying each section of hair, try not to touch it until it has cooled down. Once cooled, apply a good heat protection spray through the hair.
#5. Taking small sections, begin straightening your hair using your straightening irons. Take it slow with the straighteners. You should only need to go over each section of hair once or twice MAXIMUM.
(Going over each section numerous times, and rather quickly, will not straighten it to the core, and so it will not stay so sleek throughout the night.)
#6. When finished, apply a light serum or shine spray to the hair to make it look extra healthy. And finish off with a mist of hairspray.
*When towel drying your hair, do not rub it. This will only damage the cuticle of your hair and will be making more work for yourself. Instead wrap your hair up in the towel and SQUEEZE out as much moisture as possible. The rest can be removed by blow-drying it.
*Spray some hairspray directly onto a soft bristle brush, and brush the little hairs around your hairline back. This will give a much cleaner, and professional looking finish. This can also be done to smooth any flyaway hairs, and to smooth the hair at the roots rather than straightening it, as straightening irons will take out any volume.
Did you find this useful?! Have you got any questions about achieving this look??