beyonce - big and bouncy

Beyoncé- What a Babe!! She is just absolutely rocking this bouncy, volume look. 

This is my most FAVOURITE hairstyle. EVER! And it is actually quite easy to create. I love that it can look SO glam, perfect for the party season, and yet can also be worn quite casually. It's such a versatile look. I love creating it. Here's how:
#1. Apply a volumising moose to the roots and comb through to the ends of towel dried hair.
#2. Flip your head upside down, and blast the roots. Use a brush to push the hair in opposite direction in which you want it to sit to get maximum volume.
#3. Using a medium sized round brush, and taking sections of about 2 inches, blow-dry the hair by curling the hair around the brush.
#4.When the hair is dry, still wrapped around the brush, blast it with the cool shot on your hairdryer.
#5. Twist the brush in the opposite direction to remove the hair from it, forming a curl. Then using your fingers to roll the hair back up into a curl and pin it to the head. Move on to the next section.
#6. Repeat this around the head and leave the hair to fully cool down to set in this curled shape.
#7. Remove the pins and allow the curls to fall. As you do this, slightly backcomb each section for added volume.
#8. Use your hand to give the hair a good shake. Using a small bristle brush, gently brush through the curls. The curls will become less defined and create a fuller, volumed look with slight movement.
#9. Mist with a shine spray, and hairspray.
*Use a volumising powder on the roots as you backcomb for volume that really lasts.
*Make your hair that slight bit bigger than you want it to sit if you are doing it early. Hair will fall over time, no matter how much hairspray is on it, so by creating it bigger, it won't be too flat when you are ready to go out.