Hey guys..What up!?
So recently I cleared out my wardrobe, and I came across these green joggers I got from Topshop a lifetime ago. I haven't really had much wear out of them and to be completely honest, I've been keeping them 'just incase'. After spending last night reading through a fashion book, that basically says if you don't wear it, get rid of it, I've been giving these trousers some thought.

There is still something pulling me to them, and making it very hard to throw them out, so I gave them a chance today. I teamed them with this black and white block tee, another old purchase from Topshop, and I really do love the block colours, and the structure of this outfit. It felt like a refreshing change from the usual, trusty jeans/tee combo.

Trousers (Old)/ Topshop (Similar here in blue)
Top (Old)/ Topshop (Love the simplicity of this for these trousers)
Shoes/ DV8 (Similar here)

What do you guys think of these trousers? Should they stay or should they go?!
Drop me a comment..