The Midi Skirt Debate

One of the latest summer trends on the scene is the midi skirt. It's in every fashion magazine, and on every a-lister, but I've noticed that it isn't on too many of us 'regulars'. So, I did a little research.

The reaction to the midi skirt seems to be following a trend in itself. Most people seem to love them, a lot of people have even bought one (or two), but all take a fear when it comes to wearing them. 

'I don't suit them', 'I don't know what to wear with it', 'I am too short for the long style'. All these excuses are recurring. But the truth is, there really is a style for everyone. Obviously the tall girls are the real winners here; they can rock it all! But there is still hope for us shorties. 

I am in love with the midi skirt, and even standing at 5"0, I am not afraid to show it. I have bought a few midi skirts, (including a gorgeous full skirt from H&M that I will admit swamped me.) And that's what we short girls need to avoid. But that doesn't mean avoiding the skirt altogether. My favourite is my white leather (YES LEATHER!) midi skirt from ZARA. The trick is to avoid styles that are too full, and focus on styles that have a softer fall to them. And the main issue is your choice of footwear. Stick to stroppy, barely there sandals, or nude heels. Anything too blocky will shorten the already short bit of leg on show. When I wore this outfit recently, I actually got told, 'Nyaomi, you look tall!!' Magic.

As for styling, I think with the straighter styles you can get away with a loose fitting top. But for the fuller skirts, I would say fitted tops are the way to go. For a night out, these skirts look great with a crop top, and because of the high waist, there isn't too much skin on show in between. 

For a more casual look, I love how a long sleeve top, or fine night jumper styles the midi skirt. And i would always suggest, unless you are one of those lucky tall, tall girls, that these skirts are worn with a heel. Either a heeled sandal/ stiletto for a night look, or a heeled boot for a casual look.

If you love the look girls, don't be afraid to try it. Life's too short to wear boring clothes ;)

Here's a few for inspiration:

Blue Skirt/ Asos
Black skirt/ H&M
Red Skirt/ Asos
Tulle Skirt (Main Image)/ Space 46 Boutique