Uni Uniform

Well hey there everybody!! You're looking good! ;-)  

I'm sorry I haven't been around on here lately. It's thanks to my lovely reliable laptop that decided to break on me, and once I got it fixed, it broke again! RAGE! (But I hope you've all been keeping up with me on Instagram.) But anyways, my student loan came to the rescue and I now have a shiny new laptop. YAY! Wish me luck with this one!

Buy hey, on to today's look. I know for a fact that today people were definitely looking at me and saying "Is she serious!? Heels!?" And when your university is on a hill, I guess they have a point. Not very practical. But I can't get enough of these babes. Still so shocked that they came from Primark!  (So glad I didn't buy the ones from Office...IDENTICAL!) But a word of warning, bulk up on the plasters. These guys are not friendly on the toes.

I love how these shoes look with jeans, so I went with my torn up skinny jeans from ZARA. And in case you are looking for them, they were not this torn up when I got them; Accidentally homemade! And where would I be without my trusty oversized tee. This beaut is from Topshop and says 'Casse-toi'. Perfect for the first day of the uni week ;-) The library requires layers, cue my waistcoat, scarf and leather jacket. Hello Winter!

I adore this casual look. What do you guys think? Would you have looked at me like I was nuts today for wearing heels to uni!?

Tee/ Topshop
Jeans/ ZARA
Waistcoat/ Topshop
Leather Jacket/ ZARA
Scarf/ H&M
Shoes/ Primark

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