Sweater Weather

Evening y'all! :) So Autumn is in full swing. Chilly nights, rainy days...I hate it!! Seriously, between my TV losing signal and getting up in the freezing cold mornings, I'm done with it already. It's going to be a long Winter..

So my point..it's definitely sweater weather! I cannot fight the urge everyday to put on jumpers, hoodies, and as many layers as possible. Which brings me to today's look. There was a serious lack of motivation happening today, which I think has transferred to this all black look. Oops. But I love this oversized knitted jumper from H&M. It's so cosy, and perfect for these horrible days. I also had to go with my trusty chelsea boots from Zara, because they're the closest thing I have to wellies. Cos you know...puddles.

Sorry for the rant today...did I mention I hate Autumn...and Winter..

Jumper/ H&M
Jeans/ Topshop
Boots/ Zara
Watch/ Guess

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