Wearing What I Want

Okay. Serious post. This was my Saturday outfit for a gloomy Autumn day, and I almost didn't wear it. I am so glad that I did. My reasons for not wanting to wear this outfit had nothing to do with how I thought it looked; I actually love this style, feminine and flirty. My issue was with the reaction I knew I was going to receive. But I wore it anyways. 

I got numerous stares as I walked down the street, (including one creepy little man giving me a GOOD full look up and down) and several people asking me, "Oh, where are you going today all dressed up?" 

This may sound a little silly to a lot of people, but I know from experience that this can make people feel very uncomfortable. I think it's very unfair that a person be questioned because they decided to casually wear a skirt instead of jeans, or heels instead of trainers. I love all aspects of fashion and love to experiment with different styles. Although my confidence to do this has greatly grown, it never used to be the case. And so I bet that there are many others out there who let other's opinions stop them from wearing what they truly want to wear. And if someone's opinion can impact on your choice of outfit, what else is it impacting on? 

Fashion is about creativity and individualism. Everyone should have the confidence to wear what they want, so they can really feel like themselves, without being made feel uncomfortable. So I'm telling you all to embrace it! To the people who stare : it may not be your style, but it's theirs. Let them be themselves. To the fashionistas ;) : Let them stare. And walk on with your head high. Be proud. Would you rather that they didn't stare..? Would you rather blend in..??

Drop me a comment with your opinions on this. I'd love to hear some.

Jumper/ H&M
Skirt/ Primark
Leather Jacket/ River Island
Scarf/ H&M
Shoes/ Primark
Watch/ Pilgrim


  1. YES, Nyaomi! Absolutely have so much love for this post. Well said; I actually saw a quote last week that said something along the lines of, use the nice bedsheets, burn the candles and wear the nice outfit you were saving for a special occasion...today is special - and this reminds me of that! You shouldn't have to feel bad for wearing what you want and what makes you feel good. Fair play to you...I'm feeling inspired now to try that myself this week at work instead of dull old black every day.

    Also, you look absolutely lovely, the skirt is fab! :)

    1. Aw thank you so much Mary. I'm so glad you feel the same. I've read that quote too I think. Sounds very familiar. And so true. What are we waiting for? :-)

      Nyaomi x