Good evening J

So tonight’s post is short and sweet. I’m heading out for dinner with my mum and sister (quickly becoming a weekly thing….NOT GOOD!!!) And so here’s today’s outfit.

I actually have these trousers quite a while, it’s not their first time on this blog, but they have been ignored a lot recently. I thought I’d give them a wear today. I was going to create a dark look, with a lot of blacks, but I changed my mind and went for red. I tend to wear black FAR too often, so this pop of colour is a welcome change.

Do you guys like this look? I think it’s rather festive ;)

Jumper/ H&M
Trousers/ Zara
Boots/ H&M
Watch/ Guess


  1. Ahh this is lovely! The red jumper really suits you, and it's a nice pop of colour coming up to Christmas :) x

  2. Love the trousers! I'm all about wearing black :)