blogger of the week: the confessions of a hairstylist

Well everyone, welcome to my new Friday night theme. Each week I am gonna share with you all a blogger or vlogger that I have been loving that week. There are so many blogs out there, that they can get lost in the crowd. So, I hope to discover some new blogs and share some blogging love and inspiration.

So to kick us off, I'm sharing one for all you fellow hairstylists/ hair lovers. The Confessions of a Hairstylist is an AMAZING blog by Jenny Strebe. Jenny is an established hairstylist and educator, who shares hair advice and tutorials through her blog and two Youtube channels.

Jenny's tutorials are detailed and clear, making it so easy to understand how to recreate the styles she has perfected, and they are also so varied. She has created so many styles from messy waves to elegant updos, (and she's particularly amazing at braids!!). She even shows you different ways to wear the style, so there really is something to suit every personality out there.

From watching one video alone, you can see how dedicated she is and how much passion she really has for hairstyling. This is so motivational for me as a hairstylist, especially if I am ever feeling stuck or in a rut. It's hairdresser's like this that remind you of how exciting the industry truly is and I hope every hairdresser out there checks her out, whether you are training or a senior stylist. There is always something that can be learnt. ;)

If anyone is ever floating around America, she does many courses including braids and upstyling. I would actually love to make one sometime.. when I DO make it to America!! :)

Jenny's Youtube- youtube.com/jennystrebe
                        - youtube.com/user/HairstyleConfessions

So THANKS to Jenny for the great tutorials. And thanks for reading this post. Check back next Friday for another Blogger of the Week. If you follow a blog that you think should be mentioned, drop me a comment, or get in touch on Facebook or Instagram.

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