is the ombre over?

Hello everyone. How is your Monday going? If you're having a crap day, you might feel better knowing that I have been stuck in the library for HOURS waiting for my next class to start. And it's the first day back so I genuinely have to work to do, so I'm just chilling, blogging away. If you follow my social media, then YES! I did also go shopping but I really shouldn't be spending money so I don't feel too great about it right now... oops... 

But anyways, today I want to talk hair. I've noticed that alot of girls are getting the ombre/dip dye colours out of their hair. Now, as many people know I am not a colourist. I will gladly stand and cut your hair for 3 days straight before I tackle a colour correction. However, recently I have been gaining more interest in colouring, in particular balayage. (I'm currently just obsessed with Guy Tang! If you don't know who he is then get on his Instagram and Youtube channels IMMEDIATELY!!)

The reason I am so interested in it at the minute is because so many girls are asking for their natural hair colours back, mainly brunette. Don't get me wrong, I love the glossy natural brunette colours available, but I'm loving the balayage technique to achieve this. Basically you have your brunette base colour, with highlights painted freehand, followed by another brunette or copper or whatever colour you want painted over your highlights to give you a much more subtle ombre (sombre ;)) or a more multi dimensional brunette. It's actually stunning!! It's also a good idea for girls who may not want to get rid of their ombre colour but they are having serous damage to their hair. 

Here's a little inspiration for y'all...

(All images found via Pinterest. If you own an image, contact me and it will be removed or credited.)


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    1. Isn't it great Alice! Gives such a beautiful and natural looking result :)

      Nyaomi x

  2. Amazing hair!! Love it.
    Kisses from Spain.
    Xoxo, P.

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    1. Beautiful colours aren't they. Thanks for commenting Priscila. :)

      Nyaomi x