Finally, I'm getting a new outfit post up!! About time! I am loving my new pinstripe dungarees from Missguided. I have being looking for a black pair that have a more tailored leg to them so I snapped these as soon as I saw them. (Tailored or not, I still have to roll them up slightly: Short leg syndrome!!)

I paired them today with my Tee and Cake tee from Topshop. I love these tees. They are so comfy, and I like how they are fitted slightly oversized. And the cool logos just speak for themselves. 

Today was most definitely a comfy day. I've spent today catching up with some blog reading, and it was great. It's been so long since I spent a full day blogging. I've missed it. If you have a blog, drop me your links in the comments...I love having new reads.

By the way..sorry for my creepy dolls heads in the first photo haha

Dungarees/ Missguided
Hoody/ H&M
Leather Jacket/ River Island
Trainers/ New Balance
Watch/ Guess
Bracelet/ Michael Kors


  1. What a lovely blog post!!! Had a great read :)

    Love the blog <3

    new blog post ---> http://myroutinesjade.blogspot.co.uk/ would love to see a comment

    Have a nice day



    1. Thank you Jade. I look forward to checking out your post :)

      Nyaomi x