song of the week: maroon 5

Song of the week time!! This week I am sharing my undying love for Adam Levine and Maroon 5. (And of course Gwen Stefani on this track.) I'll admit I'm still in my Fall Out Boy zone from last week, but V has been a great change to help me not play out American Beauty/American Psycho.

When I listen to an album I always end up falling for the songs that haven't been released. And more so, the songs that most people don't really go crazy for. It took me until now to listen to the album the full way through, and as soon as the piano started on this track I said, 'I'm gonna love this'. It's such a beautiful song, and the combination of Adam and Gwen's voices are just spectacular. I'll be listening to this for a while. 

Not exactly a tune to get you pumping for the weekend, but have a listen anyways. It'll cure the hangover ;)

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