Blog Of The Week: JESMGIA

It's Saturday!! So I planned a quiet weekend in to be productive and do a little work....It's funny how quickly plans can change. Haha! I'm going out on the tiles, hoping to avoid all the mushy couples and all the creepy singletons.... this will be interesting! Keep up with my night on Twitter ;)

But for all you lovely peeps who ARE staying in tonight, here's a little bit of reading to keep you entertained. I give you my Blog of the Week: JESMGIA

The lovely Jess runs this completely down to earth, hilarious blog! (Just read the Valentine's Day post- Too True!!) I hope you give her a visit, and let me know what you think :)

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  1. I'm chuffed to bits about this! You're a gem! Hope you enjoy your night out and don't get hounded by too many desperate singletons. xx

    Jessica Marie | JESMGIA

    1. Haha Thankfully there wasn't too many Jess ;) Loving your blog. Keep it coming :)

      Nyaomi x