feeling finery

New Shop Alert!! Because that's all I need; another place to steal my money haha. Tonight's post is about the fabulous Finery; a new online store that screams my name. Think Zara meets Topshop (aka my paradise). The collection. which has only launched TODAY, is very structured, tailored and minimal. 

My favourite is definitely the halterneck dress. The style of this dress is quite flattering and looks so versatile. This would look great with a pair of flat brogues for daytime, and paired with killer heels for night. I actually want to share the entire collection on here because I literally love it all. But here's just a little taster of what's available on www.finerylondon.com 

Please go and check it out and let me know what you think of the collection in the comments.


  1. They remind me far more of Zara than Top Shop. I love Zara because they do offer a bit more fashionably daring choices, but I always have issues with their fit. I'm going to check this shop out, it could be the next big thing!

    Z. | J. POTTER

    1. Yeah I thought of Zara straight away. It's the black culotte jumpsuit and the actual photos that give me a Topshop vibe.. Either way, I love it!! haha Definitely give it a look :)

      Nyaomi x