My First Tattoo


Oh guys! Today has been fun! I had my appointment for my first ever tattoo at 4pm, and I'm actually really surprised at how I wasn't nervous. I was so excited. What surprised me even more was how much it DIDN'T hurt!! Don't get me wrong. It was highly uncomfortable. But it didn't hurt. (I will admit that it got a little stingy the closer he got to my inner arm, but it was bearable). I was even able to talk to my sister throughout. (Shoutout to her for these photos).

Everyone thinks I'm crazy getting my first tattoo somewhere that I can't hide it. But I've always wanted tattoos, and I don't want to hide them. I want to be proud of them. I think most people end up hating their first tattoos because they get them simply because they want them because they look good, and they have no meaning to them. I intend to get tattoos that have some kind of meaning to me. If you follow my Instagram and Pinterest (which you can do here and here), you will know that I love my inspiring quotes. These really hit home with me for some reason, and this one is a personal favourite:

This was the inspiration behind my tattoo. I have started to really believe in myself this year, and I wanted this tattoo to remind me to keep doing so. 
It's so difficult to get used to having a tattoo on my arm. I keep catching my refection and have to look twice. To be honest, I really want to build on it. I feel like it's missing something. I would actually like to have a larger piece on my arm, so I have already started thinking about how/what I could add to it. This is only the beginning..

 And please excuse my pale white arm. It's killing me that I can't wear tan. If any of you creative folk have any ideas, let me know. And let me know what you think. 

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