Song of The Week: Backstreet's Back!!!


I am going back in time for this week's Song Of The Week!! The one! The only! The Backstreet Boys!!!

I don't even know how to start expressing my love for these boys. (Men!?) Thanks to sharing a room my whole life with my older sister, her taste in music basically became my taste in music. I think the first album I heard was Backstreet's Back! ALRIGHT!!! Who doesn't love it!? If you say that you don't, you're lying!! I still remember her putting the Black & Blue album on repeat as she went to sleep, and the CD player we had was on a shelf that I couldn't reach. On the third round, I knew every word. Maybe if I had a choice, I wouldn't be such a fan..?? Haha.

Anyways, 18 years on, I have seen them perform twice and still know every word (and a few dance moves!!). Here's my little favourite of theirs...I'LL BE THE ONNEEEE!!!! 

And yes, I've listened to this 3000 times this week.
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  1. Woohooo Backstreet Boys! Insanely amazing :) Love this post Nyaomi xxx

    1. Haha Thanks Abby! How can anyone not love them :)

      Nyaomi x