Getting Creative

Ever have one of those nights when simply no outfit is working for you. Worst feeling isn't it? This is exactly what happened to me last night, so I had to get creative. 

I was going to a friend's engagement party, (might I add they are both younger than me. Yeah! Feeling old right now!), and basically everything I put on just made me want to stay in. Eventually, I came up with this combination of an old orange shift dress from River Island, paired with a white leather midi skirt from Zara. I love the block colours and simplicity of this outfit. And it made a change from wearing black.

It was an absolutely brilliant night out, especially considering I was so tired and wasn't really fussed on going out. I got to meet up with all my old friends from ASDA and it was so good catching up with everyone. 

But after last night, I'm now off to give my wardrobe a good clear out.

Dress (worn as top) / River Island (old)
Skirt / Zara
Shoes / River Island
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