Illamasqua V The Body Shop

Evening guys. Tonight I'm talking beauty. More precisely, lipstick. It's all about the purple lips recently. I personally love the vampy look of a deep lip teamed with a smokey eye for a night out. But I do remember searching for what felt like a lifetime for the perfect purple lipstick. Since finding that first one, I've grown my collection slightly. So tonight I want to compare two in particular.
First up: the first purple lipstick I purchased. This is from the Colour Crush range at The Body Shop, and honestly, I love it. The colour is 240- Damson In Distress. It is a perfect shade, that I can often wear both day and night. And the lipstick itself is so moisturising, which is essential for me as I have quite dry lips. (My check when I leave home everyday is: Phone, Keys, Vaseline). It glides on so easily and stays put, with no smudging. And yet, surprisingly easy to remove. It's a little bit more expensive than you're regular high street lip products at £10, but I would say TOTALLY worth it. This product has set the bar so high for all other lipsticks. You can get it here.

And so I'm sorry to say that I haven't fallen in love with this Illamasqua lipstick. Although the colour is just INCREDIBLE (shade ESP) and the packaging is clean and sophisticated, this lipstick is quite heavy. The matt finish is appealing, but as I said I have dry lips, this colour just cakes on. It's horrendous after 20 minutes. I find that it stains the lips and can be quite hard to remove; an absolute nightmare if you smudge a bit. This product is also a bit more expensive at £18.50 each. Sorry Illamasqua, not sold! However, if you love the Illamasqua products, you can find this lipstick here.

What's your favourite lipstick brand?? I love finding new lipsticks, so share with me in the comments.  

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