Shift Dress

 Evening guys. How did Monday work out for you? I spend mine at the library actually doing work for a change. I have an exam on Wednesday and tomorrow I doubt too much studying will be done, because I'm off to see LIONEL!! **dances** YES! I'm going to see Lionel Richie for the second time tomorrow night and I can't fricking wait. Watch out for that post during the week.

This is quite casual look that I'm sharing tonight, and to be honest, I wasn't even going to.But where is the fun in only sharing half of my looks. I wore this outfit for dinner a few weeks ago for a friend's birthday. I love the shape of a shift dress and this one is SOOO comfy. The only thing I'm not really happy with is the colour (I so should have went for the dark green one). But hey, live and learn ;) 

But I must get back to my studying. Let's hope Twitter doesn't distract me... 

Dress/ New Look
Boots/ H&M
Necklace/ Bejeweled 
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  1. Ahh this is lovely! I love shift dresses :)

    1. Thanks Mary! I love them too. So flattering aren't they ? :)

      Nyaomi x