Kim Gone Blonde

Thanks to Kim K, how many people now want blonde hair?? I seriously hope no one raised their hand. 
As soon as I saw this photo, I got flashbacks to my 18th birthday party. My sister convinced me that my dark red cropped hair would look so cool as an ice white blonde. And that it would be a fabulous idea to show up to my 18th birthday party with this hair as a surprise for everyone. Did you know that it's quite difficult to go from red hair to white? If I had have started hairdressing a year earlier, I could have avoided a Summer with shreds of orange hair. 
It's basically almost as difficult to go from black hair to white. Enter Kim. Don't get me wrong, there is something about this that just makes you want to scream, "YEAH, KIM!!" But I think that's mainly because we're talking about Kim Kardashian. If you seen someone, just as pretty, walking down the street with this hair, we'd all be trying to usher her into the nearest salon. 
It's clear that Kim's hair has lightened to a cool white tone in areas, but in some they just couldn't lose the brassy tones. So, overall it looks quite uneven, and bit of a DIY job?? I am looking forward to seeing how this looks after a few more lightening treatments, hopefully achieving a more even result. 

When looking through the photos of Kim's new 'do, I couldn't help but notice that her face seems to look a little funny, particularly around her mouth. Did she have a bit of dodgy surgery, and has changed her hair to camouflage it?? 

Regardless, she's working it.
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  1. YES NYAOMI, I think it looks terrible on her I don't get why she did it, I loved her dark hair before she ruined it AND she looks like Malfoy.

    Abby x

    1. Have you seen it since though? It's been evened out and looks SO Much better. Still don't think it will be worked for very long. I was never a fan of her lighter hair.

      Nyaomi x