kim's classy curls

You either love her or hate her (personally I LOVE her!), but there is no denying, Kim Kardashian is stunning! This hairstyle looks so elegant on her long luscious locks. Again, such a simple look to create.

#1. Apply a volumising moose to the roots, and a curl enhancer to the mid length and ends of your hair.

#2. A good curly blow-dry is a good basis for this look, however can prove difficult to carry out on your own. Therefore a volumised blow-dry will also work. Using a large brush and taking large sections, blow -dry as much volume into the hair as possible.

#3. To create full curls, I find heated rollers works the best. The advantage of this look means that you don't need to be particular when setting the rollers. Just grab sections of hair and roll them around different sized rollers.

#4. Use larger rollers at the crown of your head and around the front, to create more volume than curl. Leave the rollers to cool down.

#5. Once cool, remove the rollers to produce full bodied curls. Separate out the curls with your fingers.

#6. Backcomb the hair at the roots at the crown.

#7. Use a serum or shine spray to smooth the ends of the curls to keep the look elegant. Mist with hairspray.

*Sweep your hair over one shoulder like Kim to make your hair appear thicker.