the essentials: part 3

5. Skinny Jeans
A good pair of skinny jeans can transform ANY look. You can literally throw on anything with a pair of jeans, and be ready to go. It is a necessity to own at least one pair, although it is also fully acceptable to own 50.. in every colour possible. Here, I'm wearing my most favourite (and most comfortable) pair from Topshop. 

Look 1: To prove that anything can be worn with jeans, I present this look. A oversized jumper and a pair of heels...easy.

Look 2: Breaking out another of my ultimate casual looks, I teamed my jeans with a basketball jersey, bomber jacket and wedged trainers. Stylish and cool..

Look 3: I don't know about you but I've noticed through these posts that I wear A LOT of black. I'm glad to have at least one outfit full of colour. I am crazy about these new green and silver shoes I got in the Topshop sale, and I think they really add something to casual outfits. This blazer is an oldie, but it just screams 'Spring!' All we need now is the weather to change...

For an amazing pair of skinny jeans, I HAVE to link back to the JAMIE selection at Topshop. These jeans are really well fitting and SOOOO comfortable.

Or for an edgier pair, try these ones from asos. They're awesome!

6. White Tee
A real essential for me, is the plain white (and possibly black!) t-shirts. Some would say a crisp white shirt is more important, but I'll confess...I hate shirts! Apparently, I was a weird child who had issues with wearing buttons..It's clearly affected my style. 

Look 1: The great thing about a simple plain white tee is that it goes with EVERYTHING. So when you have that one piece that's difficult to style, like a pair of navy plaid trousers, a white tee will nail it. And because of the simplicity of a t-shirt, it keeps the focus on the trousers, and ensures the outfit is not too 'in-your-face'. 

Look 2: How CUTE is my new skirt!?!? I swear I could live in Topshop. But back to the t-shirt... This look shows how easy it is to create an outfit for a night out. Paired with this (adorable!) skirt, cool platform heels, and layered necklaces..it's an easy go-to when the wardrobe looks empty. This look would also look pretty good with flat shoes, creating the perfect from day to night look.

Look 3: To be honest, one my favourite things to do with plain tee's, is to layer them. I love using a simple t-shirt to break up an outfit like this one. Instead of being so dull with an all black look, an oversized tee underneath just gives the look a little more edge. And I can't forget the colour my Puma's bring.. 

For a simple oversized tee, look no further than H&M.

I'll be back tomorrow with two new wardrobe essentials..