the essentials: part 4

Okay, confession; I hate to admit this, but time really got the better of me this week. Between starting back at Uni, redecorating my room and just plain lazyness, I haven't gotten round to taking any pictures. But this post will continue..and today we're all about making a statement.

7. Statement Jacket
A statement jacket can instantly transform an entire look. It's perfect for those lazy days when you don't feel like 'dressing'. Paired with  jeans and a tee, a really cool jacket looks so chic, and to be honest, like some effort was put in. 

I started back at University this morning, and I knew I would be tired and feeling OTT lazy, so this was exactly my method today. My favourite statement jacket is a good floral blazer. I teamed this one from Topshop with a baggy tee and my torn up asos jeans for a laid back look. And I have been just DYING to get these bad boys on my feet. I picked up these AWESOME shoes in the Topshop sale last week for £15!! Bargain!! 

Check out this beauty from asos.

8.Statement Jewellery

In an earlier post, I mentioned how I've never been a big jewellery fan; but I've been converted. Since buying a few bold pieces, I certainly had to put them on my list of wardrobe essentials. For me, it's all about the statement necklaces. Like a jacket, they can jazz up any outfit, both casually or for a big night out. 

Here are some of my favourites:

For a killer statement piece, look no further than zara.

Thanks for reading guys..


  1. Love the necklaces! I've been looking for a good statement piece but haven't quite found the right one yet, need to go into Zara and have a look! Would love if you could check out my blog! X


    1. Oh Zara is the spot!! They have amazing ones!! And New Look have actually started doing some really amazing statement necklaces..That's where I got the 2nd one.. :) Happy Shopping..


  2. Hi Nyaomi,
    I tried emailing you from your contact page but it did not work after several attempts. So I decided to leave a mssg here. Hope you don't mind. I just now came across your Twitter post to nominate me for the Liebseter award. You'll have to forgive me, I am still learning how Twitter works. Not my favourite social media tool. I wanted to let you know that I already did a Liebster Award post in September and would not want to repeat it. I did not get any followers from it either. I see your post on twitter that you reached 100 and I congratulate you! :) I'm still learning how to market my blog as I'm realizing that is a very big part of blogging. Thank you for following my Instagram account and I will continue to do same :)

    1. Sent you a little email Aleksandra.. :)